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I'm Adrian a 16 year old who is currently Homeschooled. I've always had a passion for art, I think that started because I was always going to the movies, art galleries, museums and stage shows. I started off drawing, just black and white, my influence was Tim Burton and his The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. I even had my own Jack Skellington like character who was me.

I started attending art classes at the local art space, and then I did some one on one with a local artist. But then Covid struck and like everyone else, I was stuck at home. One day I decided to pick up our family camera and started taking photo's of my pet cat and rabbit, that led to me taking photo's of my Lego. I now even have my own Adrian Photographer Lego Minifigure.

Today I'm happy behind the lens taking Landscape, Light Painting, Astronomy, Macro and Creative Arts Photographs. My new interest is Sports Photography.

For me Photography is an adventure of learning new things and seeing all that's wonderful in the world.

C  O  N  T  A  C  T      M  E

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